H.I. Digital Solutions, LLC is an affiliate of Home Instead, Inc®, one of the largest and most successful franchising companies for in-home care in the world. Digital Solutions grew out of a need to change the way software was developed and used, and a recognition that growing a healthy IT culture could happen more easily with a bit of space.

Partnership, not just Outsourcing

For years, franchising organizations like Home Instead have relied on outsourced vendors for their IT needs. In that time, we have seen the same challenges over and over again: Outsourcing often fails to meet its goals, and it’s easy for the incentives to get out of alignment. Digital Solutions brings a partnership model to the organizations we work with–we believe in setting up win-win engagements, and we define our success by the success of our partners.

Strategy, not just Execution

As companies grow, they often outpace their existing IT capabilities–the tools and culture that drove the org’s successes in the past may be holding them back today. While our technical skills are top-notch, our focus is on helping organizations realize their own potential; Digital Solutions helps chart a course towards continued success in the future, even after we part ways.

Something to Teach, and something to Learn

Digital Solutions has been helping solve business problems for years; we’ve seen missteps and big wins, and along the way we’ve learned a lot. Every organization is different, and there’s no single recipe for success–we can provide insight about what works in other places, and help avoid the pitfalls, but we learn from every team we work with. We help organizations achieve their goals, and we believe that every partner we work with helps us improve as well. If you’d like to talk about working together, please drop us a line!