We endeavor to be transparent and honest in all the activities we do at H.I. Digital Solutions, and there are no secrets in our hiring process. We know that changing jobs can be stressful, and we strive to provide fast, constructive feedback every step of the way.


Email your resume and cover letter to get started. We aren’t doing keyword scanning for technologies, here–we want to see how you communicate and what you’re interested in!


We start off the process by scheduling a short phone conversation, to learn about each other and break the ice.


Next we’ll ask you to complete a very short coding problem in cyber-dojo so we can see how you test drive your code. This is a low pressure exercise you can do at your leisure.


We’ll set up an interview where we discuss you, your career, and experiences in a non-‘gotcha’ format. Interviews will always be conducted by at least two members of our team.

In addition you’ll get an opportunity to interview us… so don’t forget to come with your questions!


We are strong believers in the benefits of pair and mob programming; with this activity we’ll work together in a small group on a deeper technical problem–the goal is to get a feel for what working together might be like.

Follow up and Offer

If it seems like there’s a good fit, we’ll follow up to discuss the overall interview, and make a formal offer.